: Lone Pine Five (): Malcolm Saville: Books. Mystery at Witchend (Lone Pine Club) [Malcolm Saville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David, Peter, Mary, Dickie and Tom form. Witchend: Lone Pine London [Malcolm Saville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Ruth rated it liked it Aug 11, Speaking as a pre-teen boy, in the Sixties, I can testify that selling this was no mean feat. Books by Malcolm Saville. Everything eventually turns out for the best and Mr Wilkins joins the club members and their families in a celebration of the event as they plan what to do with their finds. And really, that’s malcolmm there is, apart from the most important rule of the Lone Pine Club which declares that each member swears “to be true to each other whatever happens always.

Secondly, by becoming more precious to each other, each of the couples also becomes more vulnerable. Phil A rated it liked it Oct 19, But in keeping the children the same age throughout roughly up to and including Not Scarlet But GoldSaville was obeying the wishes of his readers, who he always encouraged to write to him, and whom he always answered personally.

Mike rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Learn how your comment mallcolm is processed. Shelve Home to Witchend.

Ravi Avva rated it it was amazing May 06, Peter, accepted into the Morton family, can hug the twins and kiss the parents in greetingbut what can she do with David? Allow me to choose my reading material and you’ll have my vote.

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And they never learn a single lesson, regarding themselves as complete heroes, the only people who ever solve mysteries, and completely justified in doing whatever they want. The Secret of the Gorge by Malcolm Saville. No, I mean the repetitiveness: The story may be following Savile and John into the Greystones cave in search of the missing money as part of the children’s story but the overwhelming theme of the book, the real grip of the narrative, is with Peter and David.


Shelve Saucers Over the Moor.

Lone Pine (books) – Wikipedia

Even restrained, undemonstrative, David is ready to do something foolish to prove his loyalty but is saved by Jon’s common sense and his ability to diffuse a crisis. Her cousin, Charles, with whom she is very close, also behaves uncharacteristically in this book. Later books became increasingly ineffectual as Saville struggled to comply with demands that he reflect the world of the Seventies, demands that were beyond his understanding in the eighth decade of his life.

David looks “as hurt as if she had struck him” and a few seconds later he is “white-faced and angrier than she had ever seen him”. The Lone Piners are products of their time. When he saw her lying there, a crumpled figure at the bottom of the slope, he was totally unaware of how he got down there.

He leads Peter firmly into Jenny’s “whispering wood” and declares to her that everything will be different from then onwards. But Saville is and always will be remembered for the Lone Pine Club, and for the simple but heartfelt ideals that the Club represented and by which they lived: However, suddenly, all the things that have made the world seem safe and happy for Peter are disturbed, destroyed or driven underground.

The story begins when Tom buys Jenny an old silver spoon at an auction. We realise with the last words of the book that Mary had overheard everything that David had said to Peter as he talked desperately over her unconscious body.

Lone Pine Five by Malcolm Saville

In “Lone Pine London” Peter is again left behind in Shropshire and we have to wait for “The Secret of the Gorge” before the thread of this “special friend” story is picked up again. He too can never find the right words, though he always tries to contrive to be alone with her before they part. There are several essential contradictions built into those stories which develop into what we might call “children’s series” literature. The twins, who love Peter deeply, also notice how much she eaville to have changed.


When Dan Sturt, the young, attractive journalist back down in Dartmoor, captivated by her stunning beauty, makes another play for her in “Where’s my girl? The longer the series malcolk on, the worse they get. Macbeth, or “Mackie”, is the Morton’s Scottish terrier and is present in all books. Is it diffidence, embarrassment, the fear of losing a friend in the confession of deeper feelings, the possibility of destroying what he had in the hope of something more?

It is delightfully and economically brought out by the scene in the book cellar coffee bar. Her high point is Not Scarlet But Goldwhere she is the moral centre of the story taking place around David and Peter, and she is the dominant figure in Strangers at Witchend and it does her a disservice to have her so taken up with the hapless Kevin Smith, to the point where her last scene is her bursting into tears at him going away.

We are only in book 7 of the Lone Pine series but already the characters are growing up and Peter savill David seem destined for each other. Shelve Not Scarlet but Gold.

This year has been the year in which I returned to the Lone Pine, and for all the things that the critical adult eye sees and cannot ignore, it has been a delight. You are commenting using your Twitter account.