Stream Tracks and Playlists from DISCOS DROPA (lo-fi). on your desktop or mobile La calle del zodiaco – La iglesia, El hacha, El niño rata, El pastor de la flia. Stream Frank Jr y Los humanoides asociados / Osergorp by DISCOS DROPA (lo- fi). from desktop or your mobile device. Robin-Evans would follow the trail of the Dropa to its origins, and was able to take a , the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner ran an article about the Dropas.

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When buried in the earth, the minerals change them to be multi-colored. Retrieved 12 February No taller than 3 ft.

As incredible as the Chinese disk story may be, there is more! This book is written as if it were a documentary of a expedition with the scientist Karyl Robin-Evans. A reference to the Dropa and Dropa stones is found in the July edition of the German vegetarian magazine Das vegetarische Universum. The most important aspect of this new tribe is the size of its people: In Tsum Um Nui Chinese: These disks were approximately nine inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick.


It is said to be the name of a tribe of Tibetan nomadic herders on the eastern Tibetan plateau. Shortly afterwards he is said to have gone to Japan in a self-imposed exile, where he died not long after he completed the manuscript of his work. Strangely, the description of the ‘invaders’ tallied with the skeletons originally discovered in the caves by Professor Rdopas Pu Tei. The stone discs were supposedly stored in various museums across China.


Fellow researchers initially ridiculed Tei’s published findings.

Dropa stones

They are yellow-skinned with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads, corresponding to the skeletal remains found in the caves in It follows his supposed travels into the secluded region of the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountain range where he finds dwarfish people called the Dropa. According to the Gould-Parkinson system of transliteration, “Drop-ka” is Tibetan for “solitude” or “inhabitant of pasture lands”.

By faith, ols domain and any other living, thinking beings came from the one God worshiped by Christian and Jew alike.

Secrets of the Dzopa of Tibet. It was obvious that the pictures were meant to be a map or chart of some kind, and that they were created by intelligent beings. Drawings on the cave walls portrayed beings with round helmets, and drawings of the sun, moon and stars were shown with interconnecting rows of dots.

The Dropa people and their talking stone disks remain as mysterious today as they did in the late s.

eropas The Dropas ruling couple Hueypah-La 4 ft. Karyl Robin-Evanswho helped bring the story to the western world. It is thought that they are some form of ancient writing, but scientists have so far failed to decipher them.

No record has been found of any of these discs being displayed in any of the world’s museums, and their current whereabouts are unknown.


Dropas – 杜立巴 (Tíbet) |

The museum director could tell him nothing about the disks, which had begun to deteriorate, but she allowed him to touch one of them and to photograph them. When at last we understood the sign language of the Dropas, we realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions”. There is no mention of him in China outside his connection to the Dropa stones.

On the walls carved pictograms of the heavens were found. UFO encounters in the Far East from ancient times to the llos. A 21st Century Discovery of Chinese Archaeology. Chinese archaeologists estimate that the discs are about 12, years old, but have made no headway at all in trying to explain their purpose or how they came to be in the caves. Vintner 2 September Fropas have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan.

Viscos in the Sky: Further, his research claims that the Dropa people were hunted down and loss by the local Han Chinese for a period. In China released the following news report: