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The input impedance Ri is about 1.

Firstconfirm that the source is actually in color – try another channel or input device. Use a resister of 4. Above steps have accomplished the flyback function of quicky and cleanly reversing the current in T and ,as we will see,the deflection datasheett as well. The primary voltage that you see then is mostly a transformed version of the secondary voltage, over the series base impedance. Sync Tip Voltage is 1. This make the current between pin3 and pin7 of T51 1 to decease.

So we call it self-exiciation.

Advanced Mode submenu has 14, If this is present on the focus or screen traces or la766810, it many just be your problem. In the power design of LA seriesthere is a separate switch mode power supply that provides all of the DC voltage. Note that there is the possibility of damaging the known good part by putting it into a non-working device or vice versa.

The la67810 of C1 is depending on the speed of AGC, sag etc, and the recommend value is about 0. The signal, which is peak detected by the AGC detector, is smoothed by the external capacitor and become to AGC voltage. When the video output amplitude more change, use this control. The clock frequency may be varied from 15Hz to kHz. The recommend value of this capacitor is 1uF.


The characteristic of low frequency and the respond time when signal input is depending on the value of this capacitor. Came after the storm. This mode is used when tuning or some unexpected conditions. You can play similar games with focus voltage. Get used to the idea of working without a schematic.

It prevents proper demagnetizinghence the xatasheet will go into saturation unless special soft start measures have datashwet taken, like a V1 supply that comes up slowly. And yet, in recent years that I met – marking the body panels from the top often corresponds marking of the processor the last 4 digits, for example, LCA – 5Z It has the effect of modifying the sawtooth current into a sine-wave shape.

It will undergo a linear increasing process. This applies mostly to TV s, computer and video monitors, some Datashret operated strobe lights, and other line connected devices.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

Removing the lock in these chassis – press and hold the DISP button on the remote control for sec. SVO or fsc Output 1 Select 52pin output.

When V is onthe current flows through pin3 and pin7 of T, then be converted la78610 energy to be stored. You may see all sorts of additional passive components as well as transformers for generating additional voltages not provided by the flyback.

These sections com municate with each other via an internal data bua and an inter na! Chapter Two Horizontal Deflection. But they make no use of the stored magnetic energy, they load the primary directly during the scan part.


LAA Datasheet –

And yet, in recent years that I met – marking the top body panels are often marking corresponds to the processor the last datasheett characters, in particular, LCA – 5Z At 14, the sheet 1 and put all the telly works.

I Discharge 16 Mylar capacitor 1K 0. When trying to connect to the duty office immediately goes away. Therefore, to avoid this problem, DC renewal rate can be selected in this IC.

Firmware workers do not work.

Previous 1 2 But, the output impedance is very high. This is called non-simultaneous base drive, which is most common. If you do not have a schematic, I would start by tracing from the control, check continuity and solder connections.

LA76810A Datasheet PDF

The startup current cross the B-E of V and make it working in the amplificatory condition. We mainly check the open-circuit fault in horizontal deflection circuit. This is called anti-breathing. Removing the lock – push button on the CALL and hold almost a minute. While checking horizontal and vertical deflection circuit s failurewe have better to use an oscilloscope.

Realize the coincidences do happen but are relatively rare. This function can adjust the Over —shoot component of the Y signal. The horizontal Part of T deflection yoke, damper diodeHot collector, snubber HV capacitor s ,and flyback primary all Flyback connect to the same point. D Operating supply Oscillation voltage range stabilizing time typ. Recommended Oscillation Circuit and Sample Characteristics.

A detailed description of all bytes of options, in a bit. Please transform beam current into voltage.