5 The writing of the Hilyat. al-abdāl The ±ilyat al-abdål must rank as one of the M. Vâlsan’s introduction to his translation of the text, La Parure des Abdål, p. I’m reading Michel Vâlsan – La Parure des Abdal on Scribd. Check it out: https:// – Aw Hamdou – Google+. Reprinted Beirut: Dar Sadir, n.d. Ibn Arabi. Hilyat al-abdal. In Rasa’il Ibn Arabi, Vol. 2, pp. For French translation, see Valsan, La Parure des abdal.

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He said to me: But for him this is not simply a linguistic fancy in its application to human substitution, but a matter of actual direct experience, both for himself and other people that he knew. Thus they witness Him in everything and nothing veils them from Him. Concerning the spheres of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Modern times seem to have little in common with the simplicity of this kind of medieval world, where extremes of asceticism were commonly practised. He would then compare his actions with what was required of him by the Sacred Law.

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Relating astrology to metaphysical principles. I greeted him and he welcomed me, and then he said: Yet in all true spiritual traditions rigorous abbdal discipline is part of the training, be it by way of retreats, fasts or other kinds of abstentions. Their order follows a hierarchy similar to that of the Initiates.


Many of these are apparently contradictory.

Reality alone, as It is in Itself. The Beginning of Human Bodies The last thing to come into existence in the Macrocosm and the last class of products.

La Parure Des Abdal Quotes

Extracts from each of these chapters from “The Pzrure of the Prophets” Titus Burkhardt’s translation of portions of the Fusus al-Hikam. Elsewhere he refers to it as the most perfect number,43 and associates it with the earthly, receptive principle as opposed to the heavenly, active principle: Links to more than articles by William Chittick are available on academia.

Beyond these, he describes two other categories, where the human has been completely taken out of his own action or will. It particularly refers to the exterior or visible qualities of a man in contrast to the ornamentation and jewellery that embellishes a woman. Paris, Les Editions de l’Oeuvre, The first twelve books out of 37 of Eric Winkel’s “prePrint” translation abdaal the Futuhat into English are available from Amazon and other bookshops.

Not all the articles are about Ibn ‘Arabi.

The Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society

The Four Pillars of Spiritual Transformation: The existence of spirits created from smokeless fire jinn al-Futuhat al-MakkiyyaChapter Even though he may be dressed in the likeness of all the Names, yet he prefers to rest in poverty and indigence. For example, his attitude is revealed in the way he speaks of an encounter with two of his masters in al-Andalus during his youth: The value of such self-discipline lies solely in it being directed towards an aim: They never blinked their eyes at all, being under the dominion of holy Tranquillity and Awe.


On the reason for the increase and decrease of knowledges and the words of Allah, “Say: Mahmud Ghorabp. Then I returned to this habita- tion of mine. On Allah being disconnected from any connection or embodiment contained in the words which designate Him. On the Secrets of Fasting Selections. After the prayer of nightfall he would seclude himself in his room and go over all his actions of that day that demanded repentance and repented of them.

For spiritual things do not impart their effects unless the place [of reception] is emptied, res ready and turned towards their standpoint of view. They not only represent the accomplishment of the ascension, the fact that it can be done; they are also the embod- iment of this possibility inherent in any human being. German Der akbarische Jesus: Mawqif of Al Amir Abd el Kader. See Chapters 80 and 81 abdla and leaving seclusion96 and 97 silence and speech98 and 99 vigilance and sleep and and hunger and abandon- ment of hunger.

Concerning the secret of the Shari’a, outward and inward, and which Divine Name brought it into existence al-Futuhat al-MakkiyyaChapter None is in seclusion except one who knows himself, and he who knows himself knows his Lord.