Products 1 – 20 of 44 What ever your RC car needs are we are here to help, we stock all the leading brands like Losi, Answer RC, HPI, Go Engines and many. Results 1 – 48 of Hong Nor fhss hnt-3 radio ghz rc buggy truggy ofna mugen hpi losi .. (Hong Nor XT) Truggy X1-CRT Steel Spur Gear 62T OFNA. FOR SALE,hong nor x1 crt 1/8 truggy in as new condition with 28 engine, wheel type 27mhz radio gear with gws failsafe, if you have any.

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If you are interested shoot me a PM and ill get some pictures for you. Just commented in your thread. Heavy impacts can also loosen the nuts or self tapping screws that hold the Nitro Engine in Position, allowing the pinion gear to pull out of mesh slightly and rip the tops off the teeth on your crr gear.

Hhong you have an X2 crt chassi and an X1 center uni? Entire assembly sits much lower, couple with the smaller rotating mass handling should show some improvement. Ive run my custom truggy like that before – about mm deeper in Rebuilt the diff’s with fresh silicone oil last night10k in the front and 7 in the rear. Posted March 6, Larger holes, less static damping, smaller holes more static damping.

Have cry still got the free stuff?

The chassis should dip slightly below then back up again to the pre-set ride height, in one smooth movement. Looked at the rear chassis brace – opted against raising the centre diff using an st pro plate as I want to keep the COG as low as possible. However, nog on the age of your purchase, it may need a little tender loving care before you can take it out on the back yard.


Cheap, pre-loved bargains are always becoming available. Once you have determined the positions of roll center and center cgt gravity, you can calculate the “roll moment”. Driving Tips – Drive fast, drive smooth. Not looking for anything for them, just cover my costs for postage and fees. Some reading around and discovered it’s most likely a Pro with an IRC chassis upgrade.

Posted April 10, edited. At the same time, change the O-Ring seals to prevent more leakage. Camber – The easy way to improve handling. Smaller holes, more pack, larger holes, less pack.

Hong Nor Electric RC Toy for sale | eBay

Lower rear roll center improves grip under acceleration, but reduced grip when breaking. How did you get on with the CR? In this instance, depending on the setup you are testing, you have two options, thicker oil or smaller holed pistons.

Specially after the stone guards but i’ll take the lot if you let me know how much postage is please.

Posted July 1, After that it’s just refitting the servo mounts and some electrics, which should be straightforward. Come on Craig I know you’ve finished her already Setting up your dampers is a matter of trial and error. Is for sure on 9.

Hong Nor X1-CRT (Radio Controlled Model)

Good luck and good racing. The keen eyed will note it’s a 46t spur, not the 52t Spider I plan to run. Pleased to find the housings contained metal geared diffs – there greased to hell and back so will see what state there in tomorrow maybe. Front and rear end rebuilt, new hardware where any wear was seen, all plastics are good though the drive shafts and turnbuckles have a little surface rust.


If the car chassis bottoms through small bumps and landing on jumps, the pack is not enough. Generally, the manufacturer will suggest one particular piston in the car manual and may provide you with a mid range oil weight, but depending on the type cry terrain you intend to race your model, their suggestion may not be the best for your needs. When you receive your used Hong Nor Truggy, make a general visual inspection of the chassis, front and rear wishbones, suspension shock towers etc, for any broken parts that may need to be nro.

Best for high grip twisty tracks. If you intend to race your X1-CRT Truggy model at a competitive level, I would also recommend you obtain and fit titanium pivot shafts, turnbuckles, tie rods and steering rods. Radio – Choice and avoid Problems. With an instruction manual, any problems with your model Truggy you may discover can easily be fixed.

I thought the ST Pro was solid but this thing is fab. Finally, with both ends adjusted, pick up the entire car and drop it from the same height. With thoughts turning to the mount and centre diff I knew I needed to drop from that huge 68t spur – options inc dropping a 48t Cr Pro diff in, getting hold of a smaller spur gear itself RC-willpower.

Concerningly with the centre shafts off there’s a huge amount of play in the drive gear front and rear – investigation is needed. Batteries – Types and Charging.