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They are a continual source of frustration and annoyance for him, however, he eventually drives them from his service through his brutal treatment.

This section provides significant information about the method he used and his thought process.

The father of Olga, Amalia and Barnabas. Franz Kafka ‘s The Castle. He indirectly offers to help K. No reason for this is given. She eventually abandons K.

Retrieved 4 August One of the more obvious contradictions between the “official word” and the village conception is the dissertation by the secretary Erlanger on Frieda’s required return to service as a barmaid. He does not approve of K. Numerous interpretations have been made with a variety of theological angles.

There, Pasley headed a team of scholars and recompiled Kafka’s works into the Critical Edition. The obvious thread throughout The Castle is bureaucracy. She was disgraced in the village after rudely turning down a summons from the castle official Sortini for sexual favors.

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The villagers hold the officials and the castle in high regard, even though they do not appear to know what the officials do. The actions of the officials are never explained.

Kafia a review of the novel found in The GuardianWilliam Burrows disputes the claim that The Castle deals with bureaucracy, claiming that this view trivialises Kafka’s literary and artistic vision, while being “reductive”.


A young gentleman, extremely good-looking, pale and reddish; handles all written work for and receives all petitions to Klamm.

He has at least two secretaries—Erlanger First Secretary and Momus. Due to its unfinished nature and his desire to get Kafka’s work published, Max Brod took some editorial freedom. Views Read Edit View history. I chose the box as a symbol of intimacy, as we use boxes to store important personal items.

Interpretations of Kafka’s intent for the manuscript are ongoing. This edition sold far less than the copies that were printed. One interpretation of K. A translation by J. The castle’s occupants appear to be all adult men, and there is little reference to the castle other than to its bureaucratic functions. He claims, on the other hand, that the book is about solitude, pain, and the desire for companionship. He is rendered an invalid after unsuccessfully trying to obtain a pardon frannz his family.

German Wikisource has original text related to this article: Past village cobbler and notable fireman. Everyone appears to have an explanation for the officials’ actions, but they often contradict themselves and there is no attempt to hide the ambiguity. The First secretary of Klamm who is sent to “interrogate” K. Brod placed a strong religious significance to the symbolism of the castle. An under-castellan’s son who appears to have given up living in the castle to court Miss Gisa and become her student teacher; is prone to outbursts of official arrogance.

Comments You must sign up to join the conversation. Kafka died before he could finish the novel, and it is questionable whether he intended to finish it if he had survived his tuberculosis. The protagonist of the story, recognized as a land surveyoremployed as the school janitor, and a stranger fganz the townspeople.


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Small, rosey and healthy; a chambermaid who is promoted to Frieda’s barmaid position when the latter leaves her position at the Herrenhoff to live with K. The new sections were translated by Eithne Wilkins and Ernst Kaiser.

They have been assigned to K. She is a former short-term mistress to Klamm and very distrustful of K. In Czech, “klam” means delusion, deceit.

A student at the school where K. Is distrustful of K. But the flawlessness is a lie; zwmek is a flaw kaafka the paperwork that has brought K. This is one of Kafka’s last works, which he started writing in and never finished.

In one notable example, the Muirs translate the description of the castle as “soaring unfalteringly” where Harman uses “tapered decisively”. He is new to the service; K. Below, all references to the inn where the officials stay in the village is the Herrenhof Inn since this was the first, and potentially more widely read, translation.

Like the other Castle officials in the book, his actual area of expertise is never mentioned. But the Mayor offers him a position as a caretaker in service of the school teacher.

Seems to be the matriarch of the Inn as is Gardena at the Bridge Inn. For example, the official Galater the German word for Galatiansone of the initial regions to develop a strong Christian following from the work of Apostle Paul and his assistant Barnabas.