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Figure 32 shows the three power supplies and the controller.

Reprinted from Semiconductor International, April Infrared Thermography Infrared thermography was used to obtain surface temperatures of each component on all boards. This section only discusses the estimated reliability results based upon the CalcePWA failure analysis simulations.

In order to simplify the model, resistors and capacitors smaller than the standard size 3.

However, for the power and connector boards the maximum temperature of the thermal cycle was described by the full-load thermal profile. Figure 62 Iterative process for determining component power dissipation The first step in the process was to build a CalcePWA model of all three boards, capturing component and board material, component geometry and PCB characteristics.

The rest of this section will discuss the fundamental constituents of the CalcePWA model including materials, types of components and basic geometries.

FR datasheet, FR datasheets, manuals for FR electornic semiconductor part

dattasheet The control board would not be operated under any power, therefore the only stress acting upon the assembly can datasneet assumed to be thermomechanical in nature. The Future Work section of this report describes this concept further. Figure 61 shows the connector board while the drive is running at full load. This is conducted for both the power and connector board. Prior to conducting this test it was hypothesized that as the load increased on the motor drive, the temperatures within the drive would increase accordingly.

Finally, State 8 represents the hold at idle which last for 3 minutes. This study will develop a PoF-based simulation model of the control circuitry found within the motor drive. Furthermore, the mechanical forces generated during testing were also significant enough to cause great serious harm. However, through testing it was discovered that the fan only runs while the VFD is powering the motor.


Conformal coatings are thin protective layers designed to protect circuit boards and assemblies from failure, especially under harsh environmental conditions. Technologies do exist that provide a means for accurate emissivity measurements.

This was because the power board contains components that dissipate more heat at increased power levels. The resistors and capacitors enclosed in yellow were included but the dahasheet, such as those in the lower right hand corner of the image, were not included. A thermal simulation of each board was conducted at both the idle and full load conditions. Layers 3, 5 and 7 are modeled as 0.

Furthermore, all connectors were either modeled with gullwing style leads, or through-hole style leads. The load-generating test setup was used to perform power cycling of the drive based upon accelerated field conditions. While other software programs may allow for more detailed component models, the time to perform the same analysis would be significantly longer. Each of these power supplies must be capable of outputting 0 4 Amps. Figure 30 Torque vs. Figure 78 Visual representation of SPT State 1 represents the ramp up state in which the drive accelerates from idle 0 Hz to the full-load condition which occurs at 30 Hz.

While there are numerous types of electromagnetic brakes, this description should roughly cover the fundamental principles of operation.

However, of the dr9014 unknowns in Equation 4 only the case temperature could be measured.

Two simulations were conducted, one simulating the three assemblies during accelerated power cycling and the other simulating the control board during passive temperature cycling. Temp Total Cycle Time 30 min. These temperatures were recorded manually Power Board Unlike the control board, the power board contains components that get hotter under the full load condition.

Likewise, under idle conditions hotter air regions could more easily form. Therefore, the thermal cycling profile was defined according to Table Furthermore, a heat sink is directly attached to both of these components in order to channel heat away from other components. The power switching module dissipates more power as the load increases, however the fan does not run while the drive is idle.

FR pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

However, once the surface temperatures of all components were taken it became apparent that most components on the power board experienced a temperature rise between the idle and full load condition. The one downside to this assumption is that power dissipation in the model was calibrated in ddatasheet to match the model to the infrared images. Thermal and reliability simulations were conducted using the CalcePWA thermal and failure analysis programs.


While BJTs have good on-state conduction characteristics [2], they have long switching times and increased power loss. Field observations reveal that the power switching module is most susceptible to failure and thus much interest has been directed towards studying the various failure mechanisms present in these devices [5].

D A Initial Load Testing of Magnetic Brake System Prior to any extended testing on the drive, it was important to both ensure proper functioning of the magnetic brake system and to assess the load levels that the magnetic brake can generate on the motor drive. One of the primary benefits of using power ffr9014 converters is for their high-efficiency switching mechanism [2].

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Therefore, on each of the three boards the power dissipation values of the largest and hottest components were determined first. December 22, Matrix Semiconductor One Time Programmable Memory Structural Analysis For questions, comments, or more information about this report, or for any additional technical needs. This chapter along with the upcoming Infrared Thermography chapter will be used on conjunction with one another to develop a simulated thermal profile of the entire system.

Throughout testing, the magnetic break continuously applied a torque. Furthermore, the PoF-based failure prediction of the control IR power board idle back bottom left Figure 89 Appendix: State 1 transitions into State 2 once the system reaches 30 Hz. A number of performance-based metrics were used to determine whether or not the changes in system dynamics yielded a system-level failure.

Dwell Time at Min. This will be discussed the Future Work section of this report. As such, more thermocouples were used to provide more data points to calculate an average value.