FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads, 10 cleaning tapes, full instructions. FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, DTC/ Dual hopper; PVC cards “); auto or manual feed. HID GLOBAL, HID, the HID logo, FARGO, and iCLASS, are .. installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause.

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Remove the Top Cover. Resolving the excessive Resin Printing problems continued See the previous procedure fsrgo this section.

The error log will stop logging errors once it has reached its error occurrence limit of By default, this option is set to print and overlay the entire card. Card with the K Panel Resin tab procedure on the next page. When this occurs, press the Cancel soft key to manually eject fqrgo mistakenly verified card. This allows defined areas to be created.


However, it will work best with a standard resin black Ribbon. See the Updating the Printer’s Firmware on page As an alternative to replacing the Main Print Board, the chip U2 can be replaced. Page 84 Page 85 – Resolving the cut off or off-center Card Measure the total size of the desired area, and enter those dimensions into the Dimension boxes.

If the Start Sentinel is too close to the leading edge of the card, increase or make positive the Magnetic TOF setting needs. Be sure to have high Coercivity cards installed when running this test. Extra SmartGuard Access Card 1. To do this, pull out on the Securing Tab located on the bottom of the Printer, and slide the Card Output Hopper completely out of the Printer. Press the button below Select to choose an option. Replacing The Main Board d 3 Circuit Board mounting screws located at the left, middle and right sections.


Switch Box or the peripheral. DTC resin ribbons feature RFID technology which tells you how many prints remain on your print ribbon and if your ribbon is running low. Spread the sides of the Printer apart until there is enough clearance to remove the Ribbon Sensor Array. Don’t have an account?

Firmware Errors Switch Box or peripheral.

Fargo DTC500 Specifications

Encoding Errors Determine if the Main Board is bad. Delete an area by using the Defined Area arrows to select the area, and click on the Delete button.

Change all the margin settings to zero 0 and click on OK. The Print Both Sides option is automatically enabled when this option is selected.

Fargo DTC Thermal Printer Manual & User Guide – Fixya

The Ribbon can jam or break if the setting is too high. Be sure to push down on the cartridge until it clicks into place. Card jammed in the Print Station or card flipping area of the Printer. Be sure the Card Guide Rail always remains parallel to the card path and that the screws loosened in step 1 are retightened after each adjustment.

Decompress the file by double-clicking on the designated icon. Open the upper module to find the Ribbon Sensor orientation. Remove the two 2 Circuit Board mounting screws located in the Hopper opening.


Close fargp lamination module. Updating The Lcd Firmware Note: Add a second Parallel Port into the computer if a second Printer is required. Using The Disable Printing Option Step Procedure Select this option to ensure no print data will be sent to the Printer while all encoding instructions will be sent according to how they are configured within the software.

Communications Errors Reboot the computer.

Printer will rest securely in the holes in the lamination module’s Baseplate when the Printer is seated properly. Select the Print K Only option a to print all black in the designated areas only with the resin black K panel or b to print resin black onto a white background to maximize the sharpness of printed text and barcodes.

Page – Calibrating the Card Lamination Module’s See the next page. The take-up end is the other side.

FARGO Electronics DTC500 Series Troubleshooting Manual

See the Updating the Main Firmware procedure on page Resolving the Ribbon wrinkle problems continued Step Procedure Check the Printhead for debris and burrs. Determine if the Main Board is bad. Refer to this label if you ever need to reset the Printer settings back to the factory defaults. This is where the Printhead serial number and resistance value is located. If the Motor turns, replace the Main Board as needed.

Resolving The Fpga Error Card Flipper onto the card path or into he Encoder.