Ermeni Tehciri. Bülent Bakar. Uploaded by. Bülent Bakar. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Mehmet Takkaç Muammer Demirel and others published Ermeni Tehciri Anıları Üzerine. Bu araştırmanın amacı, Türkiye’yi özellikle her sene nisan ayında uluslararası alanda meşgul eden Ermeni Meselesi’ne, öğretim programlarımızda ve ders.

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Superior officers shall supervise the application of these orders. The news about the pillaging and usurping of property and estates are all nothing but fabricated. I am of the conviction that Halil Pasha will give the due orders. New recovery wards shall be opened at Esh Sham and Aleppo.

However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. I would like to see those newly founded 2. Curbing of their intentions is possible by forming the workers battalions composed solely of the bakaya30 Muslim soldiers; the need for carts may be solved by seizing the carts the Armenians tehcirk, and appointing Muslim drivers to them. Share tehdiri thoughts with other customers.

Tehciri, İstanbul Rumlarının sonu oldu | Agos

No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Taking the present circumstances for granted, I hereby pronounce my conviction that it shall be better to put an end to the relocations, and to realize the immediate transfers of only the most needed, in order to curb any difficulty to arise when we meet such a proposal, and to have the measures taken explicitly reach a conclusion.

I hereby assert my belief that the names of the people indulged in the insurgencies, the place names where the events occurred, and the treacherous events brought about against the State by the Armenians during the war ought to be made public in those bulletins; moreover, it should also be stated that the measures taken by the government relied solely on the idea of protecting the country, and that it was inevitable to take those measures.

His recorded testimony is read aloud. If a person is deprived of holding municipal rights, in other words of holding an office; 3.

When he was confronted with Artin, Artin said it was him who he had mentioned in his questioning and explained that he also knew those people. Maskanah was instructed to comply with the orders of 6th Army Command, who requested the employing of some of the artisan Armenians, relocated in Maskanah, at the orders of Euphrates Logistics Support Regional Inspectorate lately.


Armenian schools should not be allowed to be established in the new regions; instead, their children shall be educated at the State schools.

For the founding of the disinfection detachments 11 literate corporals and 99 literate soldiers, who received a good education at the Army Medical School shall be appointed to the orders of the Esh Sham Military Intermediate Range Commissariat; 3 medical corporals and 27 soldiers to the orders of the Jerusalem Military Commissariat; and 2 medical corporals and 18 soldiers to the orders of the Aleppo Military Commissariat.

Following the hearing of the sides and hearing of the defense, and due study and evaluation of all the investigation minutes, it is hereby concluded that: Today, the Council of Judges convened procedurally.

In unison with the original. As long as the mobilization continues the cars with velvet, and cloth furnishing shall not be used.

Burying of the dead in the cemeteries in the city is strictly prohibited. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Ermeni tehciri üzerine cesur bir roman

Aposholidis Effendi Iskenderun He is currently working as a doctor at the train station where he is. Upon completion of the preparations, Aleppo Intermediate Range Commissariat shall inform the Adana Intermediate Range Commissariat and the Amanos and Taurus Logistics Support Line Commands to make necessary preparations in order to render the travel of those orphans comfortable.

Nubar Pasha is more aware of these issues than us. Ereni are going to sent us to the army tomorrow. Orders of the Ministry theciri Defense communicated by the 4th Army Command In accordance with the Internal Law Section 36 Article 14, governing the admonition procedures asserts that the retributions given to the officers due to their offenses by the authorized commands shall be written into their personal records at their regiments without resorting to any trials to be launched by the hierarchical authorities, and be erased after their promotions.

A sleeping train having an operating car is set up for the transportation of ermmeni wounded coming from the front. Director of Provincial Health Lt.

Returning of this message to Aleppo Logistics Support Inspectorate is hereby requested. The lines the Minister of Interior Talat Pasha wrote in a rejoinder — dated February 16, — to the Deputy Commander-in-Chief and the Minister of Defense, Enver Pasha, introduces an important approach to the frame of evaluation of the issue. In fact, no one has left Palestine. The Chief Inspector claims in the documents he sent that the military platform at the Aleppo Station be separated with railings and be given at the disposal of the relocated Armenians only.


Message dated July 11, Summary of the testimony Penos of the Kizgin family gave: The amount of material to be used in production of bread shall be determined by the logistics support, and shall be provided by the Aleppo Regional Logistics Support Inspectorate over the prices to be declared by the authorities.

I here by declare that it is my most personal and sacred duty, and on behalf of the entire Jewish community as well, to defend the Ottoman Government decisively against all the aspersions — the aims of which are evident — cast upon her.

They are looking for the right time for various acts of treason, and are planning attacks with the hope of reaching the right time in the near future. Liable personnel inspect those places twice a week. Sealed List of provisions: Therefore, as there is no legal obligation for including such punishments — which do not affect promotions, and which will be erased following the promotion of the offenders — informing the relative parties in writ should be avoided, but it is hereby suggested that they should be mentioned in the personal records kept at the regiments.

Deprivation of carrying arms. It will be appropriate to place the beds in the building that was being constructed by the Italians as a hospital. Karl Weiland holds the authority appoint people to his aid. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

The archive is fulfilling an important function in sharing the information with the world public opinion through its publications. Ek 23 Mart