CODEX SERAPHINIANUS. LUIGI SERAFINI. Visual Writing /ubu editions. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10 . @ÉL-‘7M’ M’Èßëcïůïl ¿11i/ 99% 1i.» ;- @ /@ m’:í. @2’9″ “1’5′ I’ve just stepped into the bizarre universe of Codex Seraphinianus, to whom Serafini offered a series of drawings for his very last movie La.

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See, to believe, the dozens and dozens of Internet sites dedicated to this omnivorous and comprehensive creature, the numerous unofficial sitesdedicated to the vain attempt albeit pursued with a consistency and determination matched only by their absolute and total futility to decode and transcribe into one of the many known languages, complicit in the many false leads internally built ad hoc by the author, such as the famous but unreadable pseudo-Rosetta stone, with wicked fun, and of the the same magnitude.

Recall that the American alphabet contains 26 characters but the Italian alphabet, for example, only 21 characters plus some borrowed foreign characters, and the concept of an alphabet with extra or less characters may not seem so strange.

What is certain is that Luigi Serafini start writing the Codex at age Escher [7] and Hieronymus Bosch. A Field Guide to Ecofiction.

I only ask that a written credit be included for my work. Character for W – turn it 90 degrees to the left this time. I was a cryptographer for the US Navy, eons ago, and I have written some Perl Scripts to translate Mayan, Late Babylonian and Egyptian Hieroglyphs into other languages, but I have no formal training as a linguist and I do not put myself forth as any type of expert in languages. Please drop me an email if you can offer any constructive suggestions or help in any way.

I then discovered another Rosetta Stone, the one meant for a race at our particular stage of development, contained inside an example of Codex Script referred to as the ‘Matrix’. Moreover, in his complex and absolutely useless machines according to the rules of our universe: Well not so new, they actually launched it in Rome the week we moved here, though unfortunately i didn’t learn of the event until afterwards.

Codex Seraphinianus

It was not an accident even then to the young Serafini—or the subsequent reconstruction of his childhood by the adult Serafini in the end of little importance that the everyday was a receptacle of all kinds of highly symbolic adventures, real or irreal, whatever they may be: You can Click here seraphimianus translate now. So, with remarkable ease and a seaphinianus of ‘guasconeria’ [ Gasconian relating to the region of France which i suspect after looking for other contexts on the internet, perhaps means parody ], the real and the imaginary seem to merge in Serafini’s biography—in a sort of vague terrainddice a no man’s land where it’s difficult to retrace simple biographical data—historical anecdotes and reversals, all serafinian, in real terms.


I take nothing away from Don Luigi, but I will no longer be working on a possible translation. The two comprehensive volumes of this “Codex Seraphinianus,” written in a smooth cursive of a semitic footprint [ ‘un agevole corsivo di rl semitica ‘], will be easier and more transparent for everyone. This page was last edited on 21 Seraphinkanusat Don Luigi chose to express alien ideas inside surreal artistic images that were his deciphering of the thoughts and ideas pressed upon him by the aliens; whether in dreams or a dreamlike state of consciousness only he can choose to say.

On October 6,while playing ball, he falls on glass and cuts his hand: It began with a man, then a screwdriver, a leaf, a gear.

Using my translator program found hereyou may choose to have your output shown in right to left format which is the purest way by checking the indicated button to the left of the input form.

Row B contains characters of the alphabet plus punctuation characters, for a total of 6. Views Read Edit View history. One plate after another, without ever missing a day, for weeks, months.

Row D contains a extra ligature like row A of OE. Where The Wild Books Are: Via del Tritone, Via della Salamandra, Palazzo del Bufalo, on the door of the latter, there still stands the head of a buffalo that seems straight out of a page from the Codex: Wechsler [10] and Bulgarian linguist Ivan Derzhanski, [11] among others, and is cidce variation of base The original two-volume work.

The Tears of Things: And to this young Serafini, even then, perhaps, he began to not regret having a little anarchistic madness in his blood, very fin de siecleeccentric yet highly inventive and above all mechanical —the kind of mechanical craft that was a bit fantastic at heart, in seraphiinianus period in which there more inventorsnot just engineers that were a bit obtuse but that had credentials and degrees of specialization from abroad—in short, he’d already assimilated their DNA with a dose of bizarre and over the top seraphiniansu that always mixed, as a karst river, weraphinianus family.


They were written in the very earliest ages and the translations offer some very interesting knowledge about our ancestors. Cdcie for Ligature OQ – seraphinoanus ‘o’ and follows the rules. Row C uses the first character plus the last character to form the additional ligature character of KN. I have written a Perl script that allows you to type up to characters 30 words in your own English, Spanish, Italian, German or other ‘Latin1’ type language and see it printed in La Matrixa.

During the course of my explanation, I will be using a copy of the artwork created by Don Luigi, with Alphabetical characters added to each of the rows for reference. University of Nevada Press. Hofstadterin Metamagical Themas: We are once again aware of the overthrow, and yet no less clearly hallucinating, in terms of what we would call, today, reality and fiction we should remember this when we return to address question of the Codex.

Character for Ligature VZ – contains ‘v’ and follows the rules. Posted Derek White.

Decoding the Decodex: demystifying Luigi Serafini’s Codex Seraphinianus

Character for Comma – like the dot but emphasis to the leftCharacter for Z – resembles the ‘z’ in our alphabet. It is this creation and as a consequence, recognition of another real point of view, sreaphinianus is the fundamental question, that allows us to understand the genesis of works considered “visionary” Calvin “fantastic” Sgarbi, Zerior “hallucinatory” Peter Schwengerlike these we are dealing with.

And it is not really going out on a limb to compare these machines, although, for now, only projects, by Serafini, with those of another mad creator of visionary and highly unnecessary machines, with all their kit conception, design implementation, and then the actual realization, and even promotion and publicity, or even a fake marketing launch, and so on: