Hi all, I’m trying to send out emails from access using the SendObject ject acReport, StDocName. This code brings up the email client . SendObject acReport, stDocName, acFormatPDF, _ stRecipients, stDocName = “License CODs” stRecipietns = stRecipients DoCmd. ject acSendReport, stDocName, acFormatPDF, “”,,, “Emailing” & ” ” & strFileName ‘Close the Report acReport.

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If you leave this argument blank, the object is all that’s included in the body of the mail message. All other controls are ignored. If you leave this argument blank, the Bcc line in the mail message is blank. I have a report that I can open using DoCmd.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I guess I can just use the OutputTo acReport to a predefined location and use it as the attachment. If you leave this argument blank, the Subject line in the mail message is blank.

Are you trying to trap an error ? A AcSendObjectType constant that specifies the type of object to send. You could always include the user on the footer of your report so that would show who created it. Wrox books are written by programmers for programmers, and the Wrox brand means authoritative solutions to real-world programming problems.

Specify The Sender Of An Email Using ject – UtterAccess Forums

The mail message is sent immediately, without editing. If you leave this argument blank, Microsoft Access prompts you for the recipients. Many thanks in advace for the advice.

Seems quite stodcname to me. Jeff Hunt, Sep 3, Email Required, but never shown. Wrox Press is driven by the Programmer to Programmer philosophy. You need to put your error trapping prior to your first Exit Sub line.


A string expression that’s the full name, including the path, of the file you want to use as a template for an HTML file. Email Example with Automation of Outlook This code seems to work good as a standalone. Office Pro Plus 32 bit mix of May 25 Originally Posted by ItsMe. Jul 6 I dont see the need for ALL this code. Separate the recipient names you specify in this argument and in the cc and bcc arguments with a semicolon ; or with the list separator set on the Number tab of the Regional Settings Properties dialog box in Windows Control Panel.

Here are a couple of thoughts. ACCDE database This was marked as solved on the ” sendobject on cancel error ” however I’m not entirely sure why or how Yes you do need the password or you’d be able to send ‘from’ any body.

A string expression containing the text you want to include in the body of the mail message, after the object. SendObject based on everything i’ve read on it. May 26 Sign in to give feedback. Hi Gab-Hop, if I remember well, it’s only possible to set up one outlook sender for one profile on your pc. The following code example includes the Employees table in a mail message in Microsoft Excel format and specifies ToCcand Subject lines in the mail message. If you send a report, the only controls that are included in the object are text boxes for.


The code I used to do this is as follows: VBA can do this provided outlook has been set up with the account you want to send from, and with the authority. I dont know if what you want to do can be done but I’m assuming that your users log into the database.

I can’t send an Access report via email using ject ac. | Microsoft Office Forums

This is more or lest the same as the previous post I think You may need to play with some of the configuration settings to get it to work. Post as a guest Name.

TemplateFile Optional Variant A string expression that’s the full name, including the path, of the file you want to use as a template for an HTML file. Use False 0 to send the message without editing it.

I can’t send an Access report via email using DoCmd.SendObject ac.

I added acHidden to the open report so the users don’t see the report before it goes right into an email. Is there any particular reason why you would want to do this?

No error or message box or anything. May 23 You should only use set with an object, not a string: You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. Read about this change in our blog post. Sendobject with multiple reports. CyberCow View Member Profile. Maverick, Acrepor 8,