Communion has ratings and reviews. On December 26, , at a secluded cabin in upstate New York, Whitley Strieber went siding with his wife an . If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. Reading these letters, chosen by Anne Strieber from the thousands they received after publishing Communion, is a life-changing experience. Now available for.

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Edit Did You Know? One “proof” comes in the form of hypnosis completely disregarding scientific evidence which demonstrates strieher false “memories” are easily and routinely introduced into the minds of hypnotized subjects specifically from childhood. He has recently made significant advances in understanding this phenomenon, and has published his new discoveries in Solving the Communion Enigma.

My brother and I were playing hide-and-seek and dad was supposed to come out to find us Feb 12, Sarah rated it really liked it.

The noise just didn’t make sense. The information below is included in your interlibrary loan request. In the sttrieber situation of the world today, when people are beginning to see that everything is at stake, the projection-creating fantasy soars beyond the realm of earthly organizations and powers into the heavens, into interstellar space, where the rulers of human fate, the gods, once had their abode in the planets….

Beyond COMMUNION: The Strange Case of Whitley Strieber

The result is that there are very few that pass any type of scientific rigor. There were perhaps eight inches of snow on the ground, and it was still falling lightly. Regardless of your personal beliefs about aliens, this book is well written, well paced and quite riveting. This commhnion no random creak, no settling of the house, but a sound as if commmunion large number of people were moving rapidly around in the room.


Communion: A True Story

This memoir forms the gravitational center of that field. I was, therefore, somewhat wary of reading it again.

Later books have less story and more ramblings. I did this immediately after setting the alarm. I also felt that perhaps it was a tale that had been woven of partial truths. Because it’s not a simple, “Aw, hey, I imagined it all” sort of “in his ocmmunion.

Beyond COMMUNION: The Strange Case of Whitley Strieber – The 13th Floor

Success Thanks for signing up to our newsletter. If you like thought-provoking, eerie, movies involving alien abduction then this may be well worth your while. Gary Schwartz calls it “extraordinary and inspiring. This book contains descriptions of some of the most incredible things ever experienced, including a journey into another reality in the company of a terrified witness, and much more.

I like how it includes transcripts of hypnosis and the dialogue of the discussion group. Obviously, it is easy commmunion be skeptical when reading a fantastical account such as this. Summary On December 26,at steieber secluded cabin in upstate New York, Whitley Strieber went siding with his wife and son, ate Christmas dinner leftovers, and went to bed early.

After reading his descriptions, hypnosis transcripts and polygraph results, I’m definitely convinced that something happened to him and his family. Mike Miley told me of this book when it came comunion in This film is very eerie, frightening, surreal and disturbing.


Only Flynn can save the situation — maybe. I picked this book up at a record shop on tour on the east coast this year.

Communion () – IMDb

Overall, it was worth reading. However the book gets more and more unbelievable as it goes on however.

For many facing this mindlessly digital, technocratic, and capitalist ccommunion, ufology and its implicit postulation of advanced extraterrestrial beings has replaced the earlier, supernatural conception of God, who we have infantilized, rationalized, and pestered into insignificance.

However, I walked away shaken by the reality I gleaned from the pages of Communion. I have read the book communino seen the movie and wasn’t commubion by either. Don’t know how, but for some reason it makes a whole more sense than aliens. Sep 14, David rated it it was amazing. I’ve also found myself re-reading this book time and again just to test my senses.

Aug 29, Evan rated it did not like it. Now, having read at least five of Streiber’s science fiction and horror books, now, many years later, I have finally obtained a copy of Communion thanks to the generosity of my stepbrother’s girlfriend.