View and Download Canon I quick start manual online. Bubble Jet printer. I Printer pdf manual download. Also for: a – i color inkjet printer. The Canon i Desktop Photo Printer delivers professional-looking photos and Quick Start Guide, PictBridge Instruction Sheet, Electronic User’s Guide. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline.

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Canon i455 Quick Start Manual

Copyright Copyright This manual is copyrighted by Canon U. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Canon U. Janual service and support, callor visit our Web site at www. CarePAK must be purchased during your original warranty period. Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. Guide help within your printer driver interface: Then click the feature you want to know more Basic Printing Prepare to load paper.

Move to the left position for plain paper. Move to the right position for envelopes and T-shirt Transfers. Using Speciality Media Canon recommends that you use genuine Canon media to ensure optimal print quality. You can control quality in the Set Print Quality Main Main For details about other printer driver functions, refer to the Guide Select Preview before printing displays a preview screen that allows you to confirm the selected printing effects and how your document manul look when printed.

Printing with Macintosh The menu screens and dialog boxes that appear may vary, depending on the Note software application you are using. The steps described in this section are for printing in Mac OS X. Create a document or open a file to print.

Canon i Series Manuals

Use the USB cable that came with your digital camera. Connect the printer to the computer, then align the print head. If the print head has not been aligned, reduce the printing speed one- way printing for better print quality. In your application, select the command to print a document. Then click Preferences or Properties. The Printer Properties Printer Properties dialog box opens. Features that affect the appearance and quality of your printed images can be controlled with the printer driver.

The i automatically adjusts printer settings to improve print quality based on the media type plain paper, Photo Paper Pro, and so on.

Canon i455 Series Setup Instructions

You can also customize the Mnual Quality settings if desired. To manually adjust Print Quality settings: Open the Printer Properties dialog box. Use this feature to compensate for unsatisfactory color balance and over- or under- exposure before printing. Advanced Printing To use Vivid Photo option: To use Vivid O455 option: Vivid Photo intensifies landscape like fields, trees, oceans and skies, while maintaining natural skin tones in the images. To reduce noise from images captured with a digital camera: Photo Noise Reduction function reduces noise from blue portions, such as the sky and dark portions of the images captured mamual your digital camera.


Advanced Printing Saving and Recalling Driver Settings When you change printer driver settings for a specific print job, such as printing black and white photos, or printing documents with a special background, you can save and name these settings for future use on similar print jobs. Save Preset dialog box opens.

This registers your printer driver settings. You can retrieve or change the saved driver settings at any time. Note Retrieving print settings Retrieving print settings Retrieving print settings Advanced Printing Using Printer Driver Cqnon Getting to know the basic features of your printer driver will provide you with sufficient expertise to print a wide range of images and documents. The illustrations below provide a basic introduction to the many features offered by your printer driver. You maual easily print pages displayed on the Internet Explorer or pages from the Guide on-screen manual of this printer in full size.

Easy-WebPrint automatically adjusts the layout when printing a screen. This feature enables you to print a screen without its right end being cut off. Image Selection Image Selection Select photographs.

All photographs in the selected folder are displayed. Increases the number of copies. Displays the specified number of copies. Decreases the number of copies. Advanced Printing Guidance Thumbnail Folder window Advanced Printing Select the layout.

Advanced Printing Select the paper. Printing Maintenance Printing Maintenance Printing Maintenance Printing Maintenance When Ii455 Becomes Faint or Colors are Kanual When printing becomes faint or colors are incorrect, even if ink remains in the ink tanks, the print head nozzles are probably clogged.

Follow the procedures below to clean the nozzles. Nozzle check pattern printing manua be executed also from the printer Note itself.

With the printer on, load a sheet l455 A4 or Letter paper in the printer. With the printer on, load a sheet of Letter paper in the printer. Open the BJ Printer Utility dialog box. Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern The nozzle check pattern should appear as follows when ink is discharged manuap. Examine the nozzle check pattern output by the printer.

Aligning the Print Head Aligning the print head position allows you to print without shifts in the color registration. Move the paper thickness lever to the left position. Printing Maintenance Align the Print Head. From the patterns, select the most even, least irregular patterns and enter the number that corresponds. If it is difficult to pick up the best pattern on Column H, pick the setting Note that produces the least noticeable vertical white stripes.

Printing Manhal 1 Look at the print out. Replacing an Ink Tank When replacing an ink tank, check the model number very carefully. The printer will not print properly if the wrong ink tank is used, or installed in the incorrect position. Note of its first use. Once an ink tank has been used, do not remove it from the printer and leave i4555 out in the open. This will cause the ink tank to dry out and the printer may not function properly if it is reinstalled.


Message Prompting Confirmation of Ink Tank Replacement When the front cover remains open for a certain period of time, the printer will output a message prompting you to confirm replacement canoj the manjal tank at the start of the next print job. Refer to the User’s Guide for additional information on topics not covered in this section.

Reinstall the printer driver. If this problem persists, contact the Customer Care Center. Reduce the Intensity setting in the printer driver and try printing again.

Not enough free space on hard disk Stop printing and turn manuao printer off for at least 15 minutes to allow the print head to cool down.

The print head tends to overheat when printing continuously for long periods of time.

Gently pull the jammed paper out of the sheet feeder slot or the paper output slot, whichever is easier. Do not touch internal parts in the printer. If the same error occurs, the print head may be defective. Contact the Customer Care Center.

Canon Photo Printer I User Guide |

The printer has a built-in waste ink tank to hold the ink consumed during print head cleaning. Canon i Refer to the User’s Guide for instructions on how to verify the status. If the settings are not correct, follow the procedures described in the Instructions and reinstall the printer driver. Always be sure to reset the ink counter in your printer driver when you replace ink tank.

See “Resetting the Ink Counter Wait until printing ends. The printer automatically starts printing the images from the camera after completing the current printing.

Wait until warm-up ends. When it is ready, the printer starts printing manuao. Screen shots may differ depending on the operating system used. Appendix Select the Apple menu, then Chooser. Click the i icon in the Chooser.

Register your product at www. To ensure highest quality output, carry out print head alignment. WindowsWindows Me, Windows 98 can operate. USB interface USB interface USB interface USB interface Available hard-disk space for printer manuao installation Available hard-disk space for printer driver installation Available hard-disk space for printer driver installation Available hard-disk space for printer driver installation including temporary files.

Power supply Power supply Never attempt to plug in or unplug the printer from the power supply when your hands are wet. Never attempt to plug in or unplug the printer from the power supply when your hands are wet. Never use a power supply manhal other than the one rated for the printer in the country where ccanon Never use a power supply source other than the one rated for the printer in the country where you