Overload, Description. Export(String,OutputRange,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. Export(String,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. C1PrintDocument’s native C1DB format ExportProvider. Class, C1dExporter, Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1D format. Class. Represents a ComponentOne Document. Represents a document that can be previewed, printed or exported to an external format.

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Gets or sets the UnitTypeEnum value that will be used to specify the resolved sizes of objects within the current document e. Reflow Reflows the current document. BusyState Gets the current busy state of the current document. Begins a new line in inline flow, can be used only if current stacking is inline flow. AllowNonReflowableDocs Gets or sets a value indicating whether methods can be called on the current document that would result in the document becoming non-reflowable such as NewPage.

Occurs when the document needs to be generated. Selects a device to use for MeasurementGraphics. DocumentFonts Gets the collection of DocumentFont objects describing fonts used in the current document. C1Report to Microsoft Excel C1. This version is used to check persisted documents’ compatibility. I have a text file which has only one page. Gets or sets a value indicating whether a log should be built during serialization and deserialization operations.


This property cannot be changed when the document is generating i.

The C1Pdf supports the creation digital signatures in two mode. Represents a form for editing the export options used by an ImageExporter. Tto rendering of a new inline paragraph into the Body of the current document, using the specified Style and dimensions. To add the real digital signature it is necessary to have a Certificate object with a private key. Gets or sets the type of device that is used to provide reference graphics when generating the document.

Gets the FontProcessingOptions object which determines how font subtitution and embedding are handled when the document generates.

Export C1PrintDocument to PDF with Digital Signature

Exporter The abstract base class for all exporter classes. Email Required, but never shown. CreateObjRef Inherited from System. If FontHandling property on the document has been set to FontHandling. Image to the Body of the current document at a specific position eexport the current page, and resolves it. The default value is false i.

Gets a string representing the version of the document persistence format supported by the current assembly. This edition of Reports for WinForms combines two previous products: Add Microsoft-Access style database reporting.

This unit is used when sizes or coordinates of objects within the document are set without specifying the unit of measurement explicitly. C1printdocumetn An amount of available vertical space in the block flow in the currently generating page area, value specified in the ResolvedUnit units. If a handler has been assigned to the GenerateDocument event, that handler is invoked.


C1PrintDocument Class

f1printdocument C1dbExportProvider Represents a C1. A page layout includes page settings, page headers and footers, and column definitions. If this property is false, the Generate method will return false if errors occurred while generating, otherwise an exception will be thrown on the first error. Gets the TagCollection representing the collection of user-defined Tag objects in the current document.

How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

AddField signature, new RectangleF,50 ; So the invisible empty field without the digital too will be inserted. Sign up using Email and Password. Creates a new instance of C1PrintDocument class, and loads the document from the specified stream. Set this property to true to help debugging obscure serialization errors. PageUpdated Occurs when a page of the document has been updated. The signature field allows us to either c1printdocumetn an image or display text in the pdf document.

Gets the name of the actual measurement printer which was used to generate the document.