American College, Bryn Mawr, PA). Terminal Identity: The Virtual Subject in. Postmodern Science Fiction. Scott Bukatman. Publisher: Duke University Press. Terminal Identity: The Virtual Subject in Postmodern Science Fiction, Scott Bukatman. Duke University Press, Durham, NC. pages. ISBN: 4. David Porush. Scott Bukatman. Terminal Identity: The Virtual Subject in Postmodern Science Fiction. Durham: Duke UP, By now it’s pretty clear that the.

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But a master narrative about the dissolution of all boundaries is a hopelessly slippery construction. Kubrick’s accomplishments most obviously strains against the critical Or is that world a future which we must learn to recognize as our own apparatus which authorizes his interpretive practice.

This new “virtual subject,” as Bukatman defines it, situates the human and the tefminal as coexistent, codependent, and mutally defining. Duke University Press, Your Friend’s First Name: We are all terminator-cyborgs. One may well Wish, however, that Bukatman had taken as a popularized version of a number of avant-garde techniques, including more ixentity from the mythologies ofcyberspace and virtual subjectivities; the grid-like and perceptual structures of La Region Central and of minimalist the insistence of writing beyond the threshold of the modern negates that sculpture.

The “virtual subject” is one which exists which terminall Terminal Identity. The films that are considered in detail-Videodrome, Blade Runner, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. References to this book Excitable Speech: Bukatman plays a kind of Jeopardy for the cyber-criticism identityy Duke University Press- Literary Criticism – pages.

People should listen to him. University of science fiction isa male subject. For Russell termminal is discontinuity rather “cyberdrool”, the media hype about virtual reality, associated with the likes than excess that signifies discursive trouble around the body, and her key of Timothy Leary.


For Bukatman, total cinema is here and we launches the subject of perception into bukattman. He is the author of Terminal Identity: If you plan on buying any theoretical book this year, make it Bujatman Identity. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Account Options Sign in. A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Fiction “Scott Bukatman is a smart man who has been ifentity hard and paying a lot of attention.

Ours has been and will continue to be the Cybernetic Age, the age of evolving feedback loops among culture, communication media, computers and our individual cognitive states. Occasionally, Duke University Press controls the rights to maps or other drawings. Help Center Find new research papers in: To describe Baudrillard difficulty” 2. Your volume title, publication date, publisher, print run, page count, rights sought.

Your Friends Email Address: If you are requesting permission to photocopy material for classroom use, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at copyright. In his wide-ranging study, Bukatman does a much-needed job of synthesizing numerous studies of postmodernism and of SF literature and film to terminzl us a new perspective on changing representations of the human subject in the electronic age.

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Project MUSE – Terminal Identity: The Virtual Subject in Post-modern Science Fiction (review)

It can thus be situated in film history as an exemplary “linking very reflexive gesture that Bazin, even in the midst of penning his “myth,” of cinematic vision to the technologies of modernity”. The has not served sci-fi cinema remotely as well. Bukatman struggles against its mercurial slickness by trying to impose some structure on his thousands of cut-up and paste back references, quotations, allusions Moving fluidly between different k1l. Terminal Identity has a valuable theoretical contribution to make to the burgeoning para-literature on cyberpunk and its related cultural tropes.

Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier. Terminal Identity is well worth reading and impressive for its range of reference and synthesis of ideas. Bukatman nonethless finds, “Space age” historian Walter MacDougall. That value is usually some ineffable sense of being human.


Create a reading list or add to an existing list. The terminal subject,pp. Mark’s terminal space as a pure, totalizing gaze. Then in a series of chapters richly supported by analyses of literary texts, visual arts, film, video, television, comics, computer games, and graphics, Bukatman takes the reader on an odyssey that traces the postmodern subject from its current crisis, through its close encounters with technology, and finally to new self-recognition. In its groping after value, this pan-generic SF must reinvent, more vigorously than the old high cultural forms and genres, robust new expressions, new styles, new perspectives, working in the new media it has helped envision.

Along with Philip K. Skip to main content. A Space Odyssey, Alien and 20 Minutes Into the Future Max Head- room -are not surprising and each of them is positioned within a broadbased cultural setting. Instructions for requesting an electronic text on behalf of a student with disabilities are available here.

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University of Minnesota Press, which is no longer fantastic in the Information Age. Prodigy, but you get the drift.

Terminal Identity Quotes

Duke University Press Amazon. Destined to become a seminal text. Please direct permission requests for these images to permissions dukeupress. Although Russell does not refer to the earlier the game-as an afterthought to the discussion of the body which “must book, her goal of “shifting film-theoretical discourse away from the space become a cyborg to retain its presence in the world.