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So pin an8427sb is a synchronization input. The motor will not spin up without the sync signal, and it seems happiest with something around Hz.

I connected ground to pin three, 12v to pin one and I connected pin 4 to ground to pull it low and the motor spun datashet a charm. I soldered some jumper wires onto the board and began experimentation in earnest. Hi, I have the same chip, but on a different board from a different printer.

scanner 6L | FixYourOwnPrinter

July 25, I suggest you throw it away. We don’t have any 6L scanner assemblies in stock.

Or maybe know where I can find it? Service manual for the HPLJ gives following description of the scanner motor connector may be different in the model you have: Large Quantity in stock5. Not even anything bad. I was trying to power it up, but no success.

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ANSB Datasheet PDF –

By rotating the mirror very slowly by hand, I counted 6 pulses per revolution. We also be able order parts from other part of the world in very short time.

You could have found pinout easely from a chip datasheet, datasheeg is next to connector. I datashset throw it out after a few months. If so, I would like to build one too. I didn’t get as much as an email, let alone someone interested in buying it. I not so well understand in English, only in Russian.

Normally ,it take days reach your hands. So my usual plan of attack does not succeed. Base on Excellent stock resources,Our employees server customer from more than 80 countries.

How to Contact Us? What about chances to use arduino for controlling this motor? The ratio appears to be fixed: I tried grounding it through an ammeter and noticed that the current, although it started at a few hundred microamps, tapered off quite rapidly.

You’re our first Russian customer. Send your message to this manufacturer From: Similarly I opened up a scanner assembly in a Datasheey Printer and I found there was six connection coming out of it. February 21, 9: Please specify your purchasing fatasheet to get accurate quotation.



They all went into a big microcontroller, but the wiring connections were different. Based on that I conclude that it is very likely a 12V rail. ANSB is a with hall sensor brushles an8274sb controller. Please sign in to comment. April 1, So without this pin motor worked. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Next I probed the voltage on the other two pins, which were both weakly pulled up to about 3.

X Sign In A new user? The information you have provided is really good. Fatasheet, you are right. Pin 3 is obviously ground because it is the only pin connecting to any large ground planes. Other products from this manufacturer. It will be very useful for servicing my printer. Could you please try it also and send a mail regarding this chip.