Ammonius, while giving a critique of previous discussions. A significant feature of the situation of Ammonius Saccas, Leiden, ). But this gives rise to some. Ammonius Saccas Plotinus Porphyry Iamblichus Emperor Julian Hypatia of Alexandria He [ Ammonius ] adopted the doctrines which were received in Egypt. Ammonius Saccas (Greek: Ἀμμώνιος Σακκᾶς; fl. 3rd century AD) was a Greek philosopher from Alexandria who is often referred to as one of.

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Influences PlatoAristotle. At twenty-seven he [Plotinus] was caught by the passion for philosophy: Zeller, “Ammonius Saccas and Plotinus,” Arch. He was the first who had a godly zeal for the truth in philosophy and despised the views of the majority, which were a disgrace to philosophy.

Ammonius Saccas – Wikipedia

Most details of his life come from the fragments left from Porphyry ‘s writings. Damascius ‘ History is considered the source containing most details about Ammonius’ life.

These teachings concerned the nature of the soul and its relation to the body; they were stated to be oral teachings only, since Ammonius was strongly opposed to making any written accounts of his beliefs. As he designedly wrote nothing, and, with the aid of his pupils, kept his views secret, after the manner of the Pythagoreans, his philosophy must be inferred mainly from the writings of Plotinus.

Ammonius fell from a life of piety into heathen customs. AlexandriaRoman Egypt. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

And since there were two Origens who were accepted as contemporaries it was easy for later Christians to accept that there were two individuals named Ammonius, one a Christian and one a Pagan. Focusing on the underlying thought behind the texts, Ammonius left aside doctrines forged by later philosophers, points of detail, and also certain flaws of the philosophers themselves, and reached an understanding of Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy as a whole, concluding that their basic doctrines are essentially the same.

Ammonius Saccas – Encyclopedia

Plato and Aristotle in Agreement: According to Nemesiusa bishop and Neoplatonist c. One way to explain much of the confusion concerning Ammonius is to assume that there were two people called Ammonius: We do know that two of his pupils were extremely important and brilliant philosophers: Later Christian writers stated that Ammonius was a Christian, but it is now generally assumed that there was a different Ammonius of Alexandria who wrote biblical texts.


Ammonius was literally a sack carrier working on the ammonis of Alexandria, while Socrates was an Athenian stonemason. To add to the confusion, it seems that Ammonius had two pupils called Sacccas The friend, understanding the desire of his heart, sent him to Ammonijs, whom he had not so far tried. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Both men were philosophers of the highest level; however; Hoffer wrote mostly about social issues while Ammonius mostly taught metaphysics. But Origen, having been educated as a Greek in Greek literature, went over to the barbarian recklessness. By using this site, you agree to the Terms ammoniud Use and Privacy Policy.

Porphyrythe most important student of Plotinus, in his book entitled On the Life of Plotinus and the Arrangement amomnius his Work, says the following: Blavatsky had a profound interest in both Neoplatonism and Gnosticism and both subjects are still studied by Theosophical groups around the world.

He [ Ammonius ] adopted the doctrines which were received in Egypt concerning the Universe and the Deity, considered as constituting one great whole; concerning the eternity of the world, the nature of souls, the empire of Providence and the government of the world by daimons. A friend to whom he opened his heart divined his temperamental craving and suggested Ammonius, whom he had not yet tried.

However, we are told by Longinus that Ammonius wrote nothing, [5] and if Ammonius was the principal influence on Plotinus, then it is unlikely that Ammonius would have been a Christian. Please do not remove this message until conditions to saccss so are met. He was then thirty-eight, for he had passed eleven entire years under Ammonius. Views Read Edit View history. I have urged that Ammonius was an independent thinker who, though a Platonist, had a weaker commitment to Plato than most of his contemporary Platonists and hence was uninterested in interschool polemics.

In his twenty-eighth year he [Plotinus] felt the impulse to study philosophy and was recommended to the teachers in Alexandria who then had the highest ajmonius but he came away from their lectures so depressed and full of sadness that he told his trouble to one of his friends.

Platonists on Aristotle from Antiochus to PorphyryPage Nemesisa Christian bishop and Neoplatonist of the late fourth century A. From that day he followed Ammonius continuously, and under his guidance made such progress in philosophy that he became eager to investigate the Persian methods and the system adopted among the Indians.


For Ammonius, being a Christian, and brought up by Christian parents, when he gave himself ammoonius study and to philosophy straightway conformed to the life required by the laws. He was a mysterious figure, almost a cult-leader.

Ammonius Saccas is reputed to be the first philosopher to employ the word theosophiameaning “divine wisdom. Porphyry says he was a pagan; Eusebius demurs. For he was continually studying Plato, and he busied himself with the writings of Numenius and CroniusApollophanesLonginusModeratusand Nicomachusand those famous among the Pythagoreans. Also, both Ammonius and Socrates originally held relatively menial occupations.

Ammonius Saccas

Becoming acquainted through them with the figurative interpretation of the Grecian mysteries, he applied it to the Jewish Scriptures. January Learn how and when to remove ammoniuss template message. It happened that the Emperor Gordian was at that time preparing his campaign against Persia; Plotinus joined the army and went on the expedition.

Ammonius held the divine philosophy unshaken and unadulterated to the end of his life. Hierocles, writing in the 5th century A.

The Neoplatonist school of philosophy and Christianity, were diametrically opposed and constantly at war with one another, during the third, fourth and fifth centuries. He also established a system of moral discipline which allowed the people in general to live according to the laws of their country and the dictates of nature; but required the wise to exalt their minds by contemplation and to mortify the body. Porphyry falsely accused him [Ammonius] of having become a heathen again, after being a Christian, but it is certain that he continued a Christian until the very end of his life.

Origen was a Christian but Plotinus smmonius not. But he [Plotinus] did not just speak straight out of these books but took a distinctive personal line in his consideration, ssccas brought the mind of Ammonius’ to bear on the investigation in hand.

He is mainly known as the teacher of Plotinuswhom he taught for eleven years from to