More by Ajit Mookerjee. Tantra Asana. Ajit Mookerjee. Kali: The Feminine Force. Ajit Mookerjee. from: $ The Tantric Way: Art, Science, Ritual. Ajit Mookerjee . Ajit Mookerjee, born in Bengal (British Raj) in and died in India in , was a specialist in the sacred texts of the Indian subcontinent, art curator, collector. publisher’s note In the months from September to the beginning of December , reportedly Helen 1 ACIM Text A 10 Kundalini – The Secret of Yoga.

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Ajit Mookerjee – Kundalini – Arousal Inner Energy.pdf

One of our major limitations in discovering the essential unity between the microcosm and the macrocosm is that we are accustomed to analyse the world into its separate parts, with the result that we lose sight of these parts’ inter-relationship and their underlying unity. The predominant shape is the circle, or concentric circles, enclosing a square, which is sometimes divided into four triangles; this basic composition is itself contained within a square of four gates.

Aajit are early references to tantrism in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain literatures, although tantric practices are older than the texts. Rita Lopes rated it it was ok Feb 25, These paintings depict anit absolute by a total absence of form, whose spiritual presence is indicated by a saturated coloured field which induces a resonance of the infinite. Polarity In contrast with the tranquil renderings of abstract forms, the monographic images portraying the terrifying aspects ofPrakriti are violent emotional expressions.

It is, however, difficult to visualize the extent of our latent potentialities because we are usually aware of a very small fragment of our being. Apart from certain historical factors which may have influenced tantra to adopt practices associated with female worship, the chief reason for giving high status to woman and elevating her to the level of a cosmic force is that the female principle is considered to be essentially the kinetic aspect of consciousness.

As an inevitable consequence. In this ritual, the female guru, is worshipped, and the practice of the rite is confined to only the highly advanced initiates who are generally admitted to the inner circle, which encourages a group-mind where each initiate shares a ‘psychic blueprint’.


Mpokerjee experience the basic sensation of being T in its totality is to equilibrate the two opposites, masculinity and feminity. Another such similarity exists between mandalas and the Navajo sand-paintings used for ritual healing.

Ajit Mookerjee | Making Britain

In this discipline, sexual impulses become a pathway for moomerjee the realities of the cosmos, pointing towards the oneness of the finite and the infinite. In a quest for unity, the tantric moolerjee identifies with the universal forces and is driven to find a truer reality beyond appearances by which a synthesis can be achieved between the external world and the interior model: In addition there is a 11 Worship of the trident, emblem of Siva. When the movement decreases, currents and eddies mookegjee set in motion and form becomes more differentiated; the bindu begins to evolve into a primary geometrical shape till the multiple spaces interpenetrate, overlap, collide and generate energy to form the whole pattern.

Tantric art embraces and reflects the continuity of tradition: Kali has four mookedjee Faced with opposition, Chandidas approached his temple deity, the goddess Bashuli, who said to him: In such cases, the word is used almost as a ‘suffix’ like the Sanskrit term ‘Sastra’ to indicate aajit systematic treatise.

It teaches us to explore our senses rather than to ait them. Siva as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance. This phenomenon can be explained by a parallel from modern physics, as described by Lincoln Barnett in The Universe and Dr Einstein: In this way tantra developed largely outside the establishment, and in the course of a dialectical process acquired its own outlook.

Today in the West, scientists and philosophers, ajig and seekers of higher consciousness are intensively searching for means of releasing the vital energy kundalini that lies latent in each of us. Five-hooded serpent-power enclosing Brahmanda. All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: We learn it by living sjit. Thus the circle as a symbol of wholeness functions as a ‘paradigm of involution and evolution’. The static principle predominates in the Para Bindu, so that it represents the male principle.


The mind aspires to be free. Its kinevisual nature is further strengthened by the fact that the lotus forms in each chakra are mostly represented with the symbol of the spiral, signifying the flow of energy. To break the dimensional limits of a work of art in the quest for a psycho-physical unity with the essential forces of nature is a universal urge, not subject to the limitations of time.

I am the cosmos and the Buddhas are in myself. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. An act of wjit becomes, as it were, a contemplative process, an orchestral symphony in which both the seer and the seen become Om, the Primal Sound as the monosyllabic mantra, is the basis of cosmic evolution.

Like all tantric activity, the process of drawing the mandala is an exercise in contemplation, an act of meditation accomplished by following definite aesthetic principles and strict visual formulae.

On the left the tantric Trinity. Giver of All Accomplishments, of Sarva-siddhiprada; it denotes a stage before the consummation of realization.

The ‘a-logical immensity’ of colour is Sakti’s power-field in its pure existence when the cosmic process mookrjee reverted to entropy. Through contemplation on the Sri Yantra, the adept can rediscover his primordial sources. Stephanie Jacobson rated it really liked it Jan 20, Furthermore, the figures carved on both sides of the upper portion of the temple may be symbolically taken from the tantric point of view as the path of the two psychic nerve channels, Ida and Pingala, on either side of the Sushumna, the central channel, leading to the inner chamber of the temple.

The ascending planes of experience are called lokas, and the descending planes are known as talas. Only 3 left in stock – order soon. That emancipation is precisely what tantra art aims at achieving.