Instruction (AFI) _IP, Management Of Aviation Critical Safety Items; Air Force Policy. Directive , AFMC Quality Assurance; and. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Additionally, this AF Instruction (AFI) implements the policies in management is contained in AFI , Air Force Acquisition Quality.

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Ensure that operators, enabling systems, and test facilities will be available in order to conduct validation. Provide mechanisms for identifying technology alternatives. The SEP should contain references to all technical plans developed for the project e.

Change requests address not only new or changed requirements e. The transition to production plans are comprehensive management plans that describe all production-related activities that must be accomplished during design, test, and low-rate initial production to ensure a smooth transition from development to rate production.

This is achieved by providing both standard process definitions and an associated set of SE best practices tailored for use by United States Air Force programs and projects.

The suppliers typically use peer reviews internally on selected interim work products during development, but the acquirer should not rely solely on these results. Validation Determination – C. The USAF now faces serious challenges in acquiring and maintaining its weapons systems as it strives to maintain its current programs; add new capabilities to counter evolving threats; and reduce its overall program expenditures.

Prepare a transition plan to be used by the suppliers during the early phases of development to support tradeoff decisions which can have a significant impact on production. Risks must be identified and described before they can be analyzed and managed properly. Requirements should be managed and maintained with discipline so that changes are not executed without recognizing the impact to the project. Ensure contractual plans implement proposed development processes and associated products for example, ensure the IMP and IMS include appropriate software development processes as documented in the Software Development Plan PPG3P2 Reconcile the technical plans to reflect available and estimated resources Description: Design products, manufacturing processes and tooling to minimize the potential for incorrect manufacturing and assembly i.


The materials, fabrication flow, time in process, tools, test equipment, plant facilities, and personnel skills should be described and integrated into a complete sequence and schedule of events. Consider supportability risks in hardware, software and firmware. Other Considerations Examples of methods for providing training include self-study; self-directed training; self-paced, programmed instruction; formalized on-the-job training; mentoring; and formal and classroom training.

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Review the process for developing the project data. If a validation assessment is not desired then the results are posted to file and the process terminates.

Practical Software and Systems Measurement Guidebook. Define and document assembly procedures and sequences that minimize product integration risks.

Establish mechanisms for eliciting, coordinating, and formalizing operational needs and constraints. Provide sufficient data to support certifications.

Version September 51 Version September RG4P4 Identify and resolve inconsistencies between 6-501, project plans, and work products Description: The establishment of a Version September 22 Version September formal process for decision-making provides the acquisition project with documentation of the decision rationale. Identify constraints on implementation. Maintain awareness of system performance against stakeholder collaborated availability requirements.

Objectives may be derived from other plans e. Overview training is provided to orient people who interact with those performing the work.

AF SEAM was developed to support both self- assessment and independent validation of systems engineering process implementation. Make all technical plans, designs, and specifications consistent with and traceable to documented requirements. The information contained in each is notional. Establish and maintain a documented description of the process. Consider performing periodic integrated risk assessments.


Establish and maintain the balance of stakeholder needs and project constraints, such as performance, usability, schedule, manufacturing, operational and supportability considerations, and life cycle cost.

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Monitor and control performance of agreements on commitments addressing each critical dependency with those responsible for providing or receiving the work product Typical Work Products: Tailoring is accomplished in one of two ways.

Identify and maintain criteria for assigning enhancements responsibility. Not a MyNAP member yet? Validation Determination – C If not already directed to do so, at this time leadership will determine if an independent validation is required. Flow down requirements to suppliers and require a formal parts control program during development. Document the interaction of the product-components with the af, other systems, and end users including modes and operating states for a particular component or set of components.

Document the final decision with associated xfi and risks. Additionally to stakeholders, human system integration experts can review alternatives for usability, safety, survivability and with respect to other human requirements and considerations.

Additionally, results should be maintained in a manner that facilitates feedback and thereby supports continuous process improvement.

Establish a threshold for risk acceptance. All planned modeling, simulation, ground and flight test activities to validate performance, safety, suitability, survivability, and effectiveness in the intended operational environment is documented. Document program, technology, and manufacturing risks in a concise statement that includes the sources, context, conditions and consequences of risk afk.