The first edition of Lord Ifor Evans1 A Short History of English Literature was hailed by the Observer: 3Professor Evans writes to the classical model, brief and . Secretary, the British Institute of Adult Education. A SHORT HISTORY OF. ENGLISH LITERATURE. BY. B. IFOR EVANS i;z 72, PE FOACES. Leave this boolc. Nothine in Oid English Literature can compaxe with Beol’ Ai i has tbe size ad dignity of a cldsical he nehB &v{l to the stories of the Germanic .

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Introduced here for the first time into English as a medium for translating from the Latin, blank verse was to become, through Marlowe’s employment, the great measure of English poetic drama, to be used by Shakespeare, and by other verse enblish to the present day.

But in those early days the monster was real.

A Short History of English Literature. By B. Ifor Evans.

The text-books sometimes speak of the age which fol- lowed Pope as if it were dominated by his example. The very deep did rot: Mishal rated it really liked it Nov 08, For however well this sort of work is done, and the Principal of Queen Mary College has done it admirably, it is by its very nature bound to distort. David Morley rated it liked it Mar litterature, That Donne did this is true, but often he can achieve his effects in another way, by the most brief and simple statements.

In k was recorded as being in Sir Robert Cotton’s library. It would have been well for Wordsworth’s reputation if The Prelude could have been published immediately on its completion. But the labour is that of a new form adapting itself to English after a period when some of the measures of verse have been wayward.


Like Chaucer he read French and Latin as easily as he read English, and he com- posed poems with equal bh in all three languages.

Not always did he write so simply as in this last poem, for he delighted in hard and elaborate words. Above all there is a feeling for nature in descriptions which introduce englksh new in English poetry. Like Drayton, he attempted to write history in verse with The Civil Wars between Lancaster and York ; revised edition,but his most genuine talent lay in reflective poetry, which, in poems such as his Epistles, was later to attract Wordsworth’s attention.

Throughout there is a sense of destiny: In the poetry of all of them, there is a sense of wonder, of life seen with new sensibilities and fresh vision. Iifor, in a series of poems, beginning with The Lay of the Last Minstrelwas continuing the interest in medieval ballad and romance which had been popular in the eighteenth century.

A Short History of English Literature

If he were not a mystic he would be a revolution- ary. Unfortunately, the prudery of the Victorian critics obscured these poems from the public, and they have never received their due esteem.

The untidy and largely disreputable life of Christopher Smart culminated not merely in morbidity but in the madhouse-cell. The rest were mainly sentimental songs and lyrics, of the type of ‘John Anderson my Jo’. He had no sense of humour, and little contact with the ordinary life of humanity.

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The poem closes with an account of his funeral rites. In a poem he bby arranges words that they give pleasure such as we may have from music or from pictures. Around the main story there are references to a whole tragic world with plots different from that of Beowulf. Mar 02, Jaison John added it. In a period when science, religion and politics were at variance he aimed at bringing ebans into unity.

Full text of “A Short History Of English Literature Ifor Evans”

It was this loss of the final V diat led a poet such as Dryden, who greatly admired Chaucer, and who rendered a number of his poems into the language of his own time, to regard him as irregular. Nor was Langland’s poem the only one which came out of the West Country. So it is with the Fatrie Queene ; the whole poem may weary, but in the show passages, such as the Bower of Bliss and the Masque of Cupid, it can still give delight.

This vision led Swift to torment, and Sterne into Rabel- aisian humour.

One other work Alfred inspired. David rated it liked it Jun 04, What happened to it for the next seven hundred years is unknown.