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Systems are constantly monitored using these internal diagnostic capabilities. Furthermore, the fact that our team members enjoy a successful ‘,’. One Inmate Provides a list of telephone numbers that have been called by a user defined number of inmates within a specific time period.

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The Contractor shall also include a description of, and the number of follow up training sessions, which shall be given. Provided here below is an example of such a report that is ”’. Once a suspension has expired, the mcj account will 8102s be accessible again.

Requiredexperience is as listed in MCI’s’Field’Technician Requirements information sheet provided within this section. Contractors shall provide and install at no cost to the Commonwealth adequate surge and lightning protection equipment on all lines used as a result of this RFP.

The below table provides a view of all references provided and their applicability as references to MCr and each of the two subcontractors being proposed.


In conjunction with V AC, ShawnTech and the lead MCl technician dedicated to the Commonwealth will be responsible for managing the installation and maintenance.

The Reporting and Investigative Functions segment of the training session will provide. MCr will provide all the necessary labor, materials, etc. Any new or enhanced service that Mcr introduces during the contract after initial award will be considered an addition or enhancement to the original services.

The lCS will identify the call as a Snitch Line message and record it on the system hard drive, just as a call recorqing is stored. All of our ‘. Under a premise based solution, a problem that may exist with the ” call processing system or network at any given facility will affect only that facility and not all facilities.

Section 2 Tab 6 – Technical Requirements Additionally, the Technicians will be provided with home office Workstations and high speed internet for remote diagnostic capability as well as trouble ticket review and comment and connnunications with the help desk and network operations centers.

All accounts that are suspended are listed on the Currently Suspended Telephone Accounts report.

The ability to place phone privilege suspensions on inmates, requirement for phone allow lists, assignment of inmates to specific phones or group of phones, and the ability to access multiple IDs. The report can kci obtained by entering the inmate and a specified time frame.

They are shown below with their: Field support services and trouble desk call center service for trouble ticket management, and system, phone, network repair. Inmate Calling System Software: Speed Dial Search Displays inmates who have called the same telephone number during a specified time.

Energy Star Enable 8. Revenue Reports Shadow Recording.


All equipment supplied under thisRFP shall be completely operational when installed. The data exchangewould be handled by NCe through the use of an FTP server as’thetransport mechanism to accept a full-dump of PIN data reporting from DOC on a daily bases, or at other predetennined intervals.

USA County Coach 8102

The Local Exchanges report conta,ins the following: This process helps identify. Throughout MCl’s sixteen plus years of experience in the inmate phone services business, we have established a reputation for our ability to combine call control and recording capabilities into 88102a seamless solution for inmate telecommunications. MCr will provide training and system operations manuals.

DOC personnel who have an MS user name and password will be able to access the Web-based application and perfonn queries from an existing workstation. This feature can aid investigations. This will include a wipe down of each phone Section 2. These visual alarms shall appear on the operator console and indicate where the failure occurred.

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MCl will perform and complete: Copies of current standard reports shall be supplied with the proposal. This shall be accomplished by multiple levels of access by programmed passwords. They will also s’ee that all activities ,are performed in such a manner that any disruptions are mcj, and that installation and cut over time frames are met.: